Big Holler Pups LLC



Due to Covid19 we do not have as many transport options
Currently ground or we will meet you locally.
523 Ozark Cabool MO 65689


To your door ground transportation is what we are using now
$550   will book on his route He goes East and West once a month.
Transit times varies on his route, puppies arrive happy and in great condition
He sends a GPS link so you can watch your puppies travel.

Safety and Health of your new puppy is our #1 priority! Puppies must b
e at least 8 weeks old, that’s the law! We determine
when we send your puppy by what we feel the puppy’ s maturity level is. Like children, some puppies mature faster than others. It could be 10 to 12 weeks depending on each individual puppy.

  • No puppy will be considered sold or reserved without a puppy application              AND a deposit.
  • Listed in this guarantee and application are several routine preventative cares
    that the new buyer must agree to.
  • The guarantee is only valid for the original buyer
  • Please click below to open and read it. For further
    questions, please contact me.

Remember when your puppy arrives he has now traveled farther than he ever has and he may be a little scared and unsettled. He may have relieved himself during the flight, for this purpose we suggest having baby wipes, towels or other items to clean him with when he arrives. Bottle water as he may be thirsty, also bring along a leash and collar. Some puppies are ready to come out and play and others take a little more time. Do not put your puppy down in common areas until he is 16 weeks old, and do not think I ll just set him down to potty when you are first meeting him, puppies are scared and may bolt, resulting in  lost or dead puppy! SAFETY FIRST,  remember your puppy is not fully vaccinated until he has completed a full series of puppy vaccinations, to be carried on by you and the vet of your choice.  Exposure to common areas will cause your puppy to be sick, life threatening sick, so PLEASE take as good of care of him as we have, no common areas, don't pass him around to family and friends, let him get acclimated to his new family before you over load his system!

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