Big Holler Pups LLC

These are classes we have attended to
 better our breeding program
and to better our dogs.
We have done this all along
but will be posting starting with our 2015 credits
So you can see some of what we do behind the scenes!
We continue to go to monthly meetings and seminars
but I'm a little behind keeping this page updated!
So very thankful for all the vets and proffesionals
that give there time to speak at these events
Thankful for AKC for helping us organize local OFA clinics!
It tends to stay very busy around here!

A person who won't read

has no advantage over one who can't read.

Mark Twain

 We are willing to learn and set ourselves above other breeders!

We are all for health testing and producing quality life long companions for you,

Picking only the best of the best for our program, the parents of your new puppy.

Doing the best for our pets and yours!

I am sure I missed some because we attended at least 2 meetings a month

But if your counting we attended a minimum of 20 hours of

continuing education yearly!

I am behind in updating our CEU"s   We have had the oportunity to listen to some great speakers!

Very  far behind on adding here, we go to two monthly meetings min,  3 CEUS
plus any extra we can find!
I ll b posting what we've been learning about Soon.


3/3/18          Threats, challenges, and Opportunities, Mike Bober PJAC

3/3/18             Nutrition :  Anna Kate Shoveller Phd

3/3/18             APHIS/USDA updates :  Jan Feldman

3/3/18            Managing Your Reputation:  Katie Sabatino

3/3/18           Parvo virus, the Tail of 2 litters : Dr Gerryll Hall, Merck Animal Health 

3/3/18           Breed a better animal thru Science : Dr Brandon Sinn DVM

3/3/18           Proactive Puppy Care : Dr Don Bramalage, Revival Animal Health

8/1/17             Contracts; Round table discussion 1.5 CEU

7/6/17              Photography ;  Jason Alderphson  1.5 CEU

5/1/17              Woof 4 Vets :  Sue Swanigan  1 CEU

2/14/17           Overview of selecting dogs and training for search and

                             rescue, by Joe Marsillo K-9 Coordinator, Region "G" SAR     1.5 CEU


04/11/2017          Utilization of Pet Key program for breeders/customers,

                                   by Manny Vasquez,  Pet Key, 1 CEU


05/09/2017         Whip worms and prevention of, general care question and answer session.
Mike Peters, DVM, Ava, MO.      2 CEU

5/20/17  Animals Under Fire, by Sandy Nance   1CEU
              Judging in ACA,  by Linda Baker, ACA Judge 1 CEU
               My Puppy Broker, ACA Dog SHows, by Debbie Herrington 1 CEU

3/9/17  A Puppies first 100 Days,  by Dr. Bramalage DVM 1 CEU
             Internet Presence, by Bob Yarnell ACA  1 CEU
             Vaccines, by Dr. Morris DVM  1 CEU

3/10/17  Dog Community Socialization, by Stacy Mason AKC, 1 CEU
              The other kind of Diarrhea, by Brandon Sinn DVM. 1 CEU
              The Law and You, by retired Judge Knust   1 CEU
11/8/16  Nutrition and Developmental Needs,  by Steve Ruggles of Midwestern feed and Dr. Brandon Sinn DVM. 1 CEU

10/11/16 Training Resources and Tools,  by Donna Christensen, 1 CEU

9/13/16  Professional networking, by Joe Overlease, USDA breeder association 1 CEU

6/17/16  STRUCTURE IN ACTION,  Pat Hastings, puppy puzzle, 8 CEU hours

11/1/16 Getting Puppies to 8 weeks by Ann Quinn 1 CEU

10/18/16  OFA CLINIC  Dr Hubner and AKC, all day event 

8/1/16 Marketing, Hank Grosenbacher 1 CEU

5/3/16  Eye issues,  Dr. Dunn, DVM  1 CEU

4/12/16  Genetics and hereditary issues.  DR. Bryant  2 CEUS


2/2/16   Genetic Health Testing,  1 CEU, Tina Osborn

1/12/16 Show Ring Presentatation,  Donna Christenson   Genetic Health testing  1 CEU Speaker Tina Osborn,  yes they asked me to speak on the testing we are doing in our program! 

1/5/16   Farm Bureau of Wright County, 1 CEU  Speaker Tyler Williams

11/10/15 Marketing and Sales,  by My Little Puppy, Phyllis King   1CEU

2/10/15   Mission, agricultural support, and networking,  1 CEU, Speaker Anna Harris from Missouri Animal Husbandry Assoc.

2/3/15. Healthgard/ Kennel and Health Protocol, by Ann Quinn. 1 CEU

3/02/15 Book Keeping and tax preparation for kennel operations  1 CEU speaker Mary Mabe, tax accountant

3/03/15 Essential oils use in your kennel and protecting your dogs the natural way.  1 CEU,  Speaker Janet Wright Doterra oils.

4/7/15 Veterinary, Kennel and Health Protocol; Breeding Prospects, Marketing Strategies. 3 CEUS, By Art Bryant,DVM

5/12/15 Pre- and Post whelping care; nutrition and USDA standards,  2 CEU  speakers Roger Hubner, DVM, Bobby Schmitt, Royal Cannin Rep, and Bill Hiney, USDA Inspector.

6/09/15  Missouri Pet Breeders Association,  updates in the industry and what's new with MPBA,   1 CEU, Speaker Hank Grosenbaucher, MPBA president

8/11/15: Kennel Protocol, 1 CEU Ann Quinn

9/08/15:  2016 Kennel Requirements and compliance, State of Missouri. Matt Rold kennel inspector, state of Missouri.   Important fact I learned at this meeting,  only 43% of all Missouri licensed Kennels are 2016 compliant.  and YES we are and always have been, we made NO changes to be above and beyond for the new rules, we were all ready there!  1 CEU

9/25/15:  (Hunte 2 day Seminar)
         Breeding better dogs- The breeder Skills, by Dr Carmen Battalglia, his website is 1 CEU
         Canine Inluenza- Disease and Vaccination, 1 CEU by Joe Holzhauer DVM
         Standards Update  1 CEU from Candace Croney, PhD, Purdue University
         The Importance of Health Testing, 1 CEU by OFA and AKC representatives.

         Modern Approaches to Effective Infectious Disease Control  1CEU by Brad            Fenwick, DVM
         Breeding Better Dogs-Pedigree Analysis,  1 CEU Dr Carmen Battalglia
         Evolving Legislation and the Testimony that Drives it, 1 CEU Bob Likens, PIJAC

10/6/15: Getting to know our County Sheriff, our rights and how to handle issues the legal way.  1 CEU
Speaker Texas County Sheriff James Sigman