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Our kennel is a disease free kennel, and for this reason we allow NO ONE  IN our kennel, we do not allow outside dogs on our grounds, even if they were raised by us.  Not knowingly, humans can carry some of the diseases that puppies can get.  we will meet puppy buyers and there may be a charge for this depending on the location. We are not able to show our puppies to you in person until they are 8 weeks old  I am so sorry but the health of our puppies mean everything to us. 

1. Can We Come Pick The Puppy Up In Person

ABSOLUTELY!!!! We are now, do to the crazy society and the recommendation of our sheriff,  only meeting in a public area, no home pick ups. Dollar General 523 Ozark Cabool MO.  We also do not allow strangers into our kennel area.  This is per our veterinarian and our inspectors, it cuts down on the threat of disease being carried into our kennel.

2. How Are The Puppies Registered? What About Full or Limited Registration?

All of our puppies leave us with AKC puppy registration  limited ( no breeding or showing  or full rights)  UNLESS stated otherwise, we will occasinally have a non AKC litter. Our adults are all registered with APRI, ACA, and AKC.  Puppies will be one if not all of the registries. Most puppies are sold with full registration and full breeding rights unless other wise mentioned in our ad, or correspondence and your contract will be marked so.

3. Do you require a contract and deposit?

YES we do. No Puppy will be sold without a contract, or held without a deposit.

4. Are The Puppies Guaranteed?

Yes, 1 year against major genetic abnormalities 10 day death ONLY if you see a vet in 72 hours of purchase and provide us a copy of that visit with puppies microchip documented.

5. Do You Let Puppies Go To New Homes Before 8 Weeks Of Age?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  It is the law and puppies need the socialization and to complete two rounds of vaccinations before leaving us!

6. Is Shipping Safe?

Yes. For more information regarding shipping please visit our shipping page.

7. What Methods Of Payment Are Accepted?

We will send you an invoice and you just click and pay,   Cash only for the balance at pick up, full payment must be paid 1 week prior to shipment if your puppy is to be shipped

"We will not tolerate credit card charge-backs! Any charge-backs will be prosecuted to the fullest and will be turned over to a collection agency, after which it will be reported to all credit reporting agencies as an unpaid debt that will remain on your record until paid in full. If you pay with a credit card belonging to someone else than the cardholders name will appear on all the puppy's paperwork along with the actual purchaser's name.

We are now offering financing, so you can take your puppy home at 8 weeks old and make payments!

8. Must The Puppy Be Paid In Full Prior To Being Shipped

Puppies must be paid in full before they will be allowed to leave us.

9. How Do I Reserve A Puppy?

A puppy of your choice can be reserved with a deposit.  Deposit must be received within 3 days of communicating to me you are sending it.   Deposits are non-refundable.    A deposit will hold the puppy of your choice. Balance due in full before your puppy will leave us.

Deposits MUST  to hold a puppy.
Puppies DO NOT ship till after cleared payment.

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