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Community Finance offers people the ability to take home the products they really want and pay for them with comfortable installment payments through our signature Installment Lease service. Below are the basic requirements:

  • Been with current employer for 1 year
  • Minimum monthly net income of $1,300
  • Have a checking account for a minimum of 3 months

If you are approved, you can take home your products with our Installment Lease service, which offers comfortable bi-weekly payments. At the end of the Installment Lease, the last payment is your purchase price, which is always a low 5% of the original cost. For example, on a $1,000 item, your purchase price at the end would be $50.

To see what the payments would be on your product(s), click on the button marked 'Pricing Sheet'. This sheet will also give you additional benefits and information of our Installment Lease service.

Once you are ready to begin, simply fill out the application. We will email you an answer within 30 minutes*!

* During regular business hours
For more information or any question about Community Finance's Installment Lease Programs
Please call us at (702) 630-9090, or contact us via email

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Hours: Tuesday-Saturday - 8am to 4pm(PST) , Sunday & Monday - Closed