Big Holler Pups

We are so thankful to have been able to acquire some Beautiful Bostons!
Blue and White Bostons, Black and White, Brindle,  Red and Whites, Seal and Whites
Please message me to be put on a wait list for any of the above colors,
and occasional splash, cream, lilac,and fawn

Big Holler Zoey Belle
AKC  Red and White
Sire: Moon  Dam: Jinxy

Big Holler Oh Toodles
" Toodles"
AKC Black and White
Sire: Moon   Dam: Baby
Baby,  Momma's Blue Eyed Baby
She has one blue eye.
AKC Black and White
JHC Clear
Big Holler Chloe Belle
AKC Blue and White
She is a Blue and white with some fawn brindle stripes.
Thanks Sheri and Pat!
Big Holler Babbling Brooke
AKC Red and white
Dam: Ruby  Sire: Moon
Big Holler Katniss Everdeen
AKC registered
Red and White
JHC Clear
This is her second lesson with a leash, and she just wanted to play tug of war
Scooters Express
AKC Black and White
JHC Clear
He is so laid back!
Thanks Cheri for such a great boy!

JHC Clear
Big Holler Once in a Blue Moon
AKC Registered
Blue and White
Love this guy! Thanks Randal for such a BEAUTIFUL boy!

Big Holler Oh Henry
AKC Registered as a Blue and White
His Sire is a Champagne, and his dam is a Splash
Thank You Paula, looking forward to more of your line in the future!